Saturday, July 27, 2013

Recipes for Vista Library Demo

How to Sprout Lentils:

1:  Soak lentils for 6-8 hours in distilled/ purified water

2:  Drain soak water from lentils and rinse with fresh water.

3:  There are many ways that you can sprout from here.

     A.  Mason Jar with purchased plastic strainer top or cheesecloth and rubber band (the sprouts sometimes get caught in the cheesecloth and make it difficult to rinse).

     B.  Bowl and large colander ( I use this method when I am doing a large batch) covered with dish towel.

     C.  Sprout/Nut Milk bag.

     D.  Automatic Sprouter like "FreshLife Sprouter" by Tribest

4:  Very Important!!!  Make sure to rinse at least twice a day...morning and night.  You wouldn't want any bad bacteria to be growing with your sprouts.

5:  In my kitchen in So Cal in July it took about 24 hrs to sprout the lentils (your sprout time may vary depending on room temperature).  Don't let the tails get too much longer than 1/4" or they will taste watery.

Almond Milk:

Simple Almond Milk (As seen at the library)
1/2 C Raw Almonds
1 or 2 Dates
1 t Vanilla
4 C water
Blend almonds into powder add rest of ingredients and blend.  Strain with nut milk bag.  See pics below.

Creamy Almond Milk (super yummy, thick and frothy)
****Dry Ingredients***
1 C Rolled Oats (not technically raw, but can purchase raw oats from internet, can also sprout oat groats)
2/3 C Raw Almonds
1/3 C Shredded Coconut
pinch of sea salt
***Wet Ingredients***
1 T Vanilla
2 T Raw Agave Nectar (or honey or dates)
Water (see below for amount)

Always be ready for quick milk, by storing your dry ingredients in mason jar

Ingredients you will need for your almond milk

Place all dry ingredients into high speed blender

Grind them to a powder

Add wet ingredients, fill water to about 1 cup away from top of pitcher

You will need a nut milk bag, use the bags that have elastic, cotton strings tend to mold

Blend till creamy

Place nut milk bag over a large pitcher

Strain milk through bag

Squeeze all liquid out of nut milk bag (like milking a cow?)

Store in mason jars 

Don't forget to vacuum seal (see Juicing 101 post from 2012 for details)

Basic Nut Cheese
1 C Raw Cashews or Macadamia Nuts (soaked for 4 hrs)
1 Probiotic capsule
1/4 to 1/2 C Water (start with 1/4 C and add more if needed)

Blend all ingredients together in a high speed blender, looking for a very smooth, creamy consistency.

1. Here's the stack up.  Bottom: bowl to catch water.  Middle: Strainer.  Top:  Cheesecloth or tulle

2.  Place blended nuts/ probiotics and water onto cheesecloth.

3.  Cover the "cheese" mixture completely with cheesecloth and place bowl or plate to help press out extra water.  Let it ferment for approx 48 hrs on kitchen counter away from direct sun.  

4.  Once cheese is fermented remove from cheesecloth, place in bowl with other ingredients.
1T Nutritional Yeast, 1/2 T Onion Powder, 1/2 t sea salt, 1/8 t nutmeg.

5.  With a spoon incorporate the rest of ingredients.

6. Use cheese mold, cheescake ring or bowl to shape cheese.

7.  Fill mold with cheese mixture.

8.  Using a mortar and pestle, crush the peppercorns. I used maybe 2 T.

9.  Garnish the top with crushed peppercorns.  Refrigerate until set, 2 hours.

10.  Finished nut cheese.  Serve with crackers or raw veggies.

Green Smoothie Recipe is on previous post from 2012.

Thank you for attending my food demo at the Vista Library.  Hope to see you in one of my classes.

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